Join Us on June 8th at the Small Business Exchange

Join Us on June 8th at the Small Business Exchange

Don’t miss your chance to compete for $10,000.00!

Directions: Your application will require you to submit a 1-minute video. In the video you submit with your application, please introduce yourself, explain what you’re doing and why, give us your value proposition, and tell us anything else you want to about the founders or your venture. The video should be one minute long and should be uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it. And please, no extra side-effects (i.e. slide shows, music, signs, etc.), the video should contain nothing except you talking.

The purpose of this pitch competition is to provide a platform for a local founder of a startup to obtain additional management skills that will enable them to take advantage of capital opportunities and qualify for financing that will lead to higher levels of sustainable business growth.

Application: Click Here to Complete Application to Pitch

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