Criminal Justice Reform

The Urban Research and Resource Center works closely with one of its founders L. Anthony Johnson, who consults with the Barbara Jordan Policy Institute. Working with the Jordan Institute, the URRC will research multiple topics related to criminal justice reform as well as voting rights, disaster relief and other issues. Works in progress include re-entry, bail, recidivism and juvenile justice reform.

The URRC is also working with the university’s forensics division to develop a resource for the community that will be an alternative to traditional forensics centers and to provide experiential learning opportunities for TSU students.

In collaboration with the Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc. (lead organization), URRC is working with numerous community-based organizations and advocacy groups to address reforms needed in the Harris County Juvenile Justice System. The collaboration considers disparities in the treatment of juveniles based on race, gender and poverty, the roles area schools play in referring juveniles to the system and maintaining a delivery system to help ensure stakeholders are informed about effective diversion programs and other strategies for more humanely addressing juvenile misbehavior.